HSAM’s mission is to create a sustainable and healthy street cat and dog population in and around Essaouira, Morocco.  By sterilising, treating and vaccinating against Rabies we not only give the animals a better quality of life, we offer peace of mind to a local community where the threat of Rabies is very real.

Our work is authorised by the local government (Pasha) of Essaouira.

We work in collaboration with Dr Adnan El Aji, a local Veterinary Surgeon who allows us to use his surgery free of charge.  Valerie and Gerard Adam at Refuge GCO, an animal rescue based just outside of Essaouira, care for the animals after sterilisation, treatment and other procedures. 

We are based in Brighton, East Sussex UK.

Registered Charity Number 1162627

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Summer Newsletter 2015!

Saturday 25th July 2015
Summer Newsletter 2015!

May Trip Highlight: Return of the Bob!

Wednesday 15th July 2015
May Trip Highlight: Return of the Bob!

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